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RHUBARB COMPOTE – My family loves fresh compote, and as soon as I can get fresh rhubarb in the spring I start preparing that lovely drink.




  • ½ kg of rhubarb
  • Sugar
  • Cinnamon
  • 2.5 l of water

Preparation: Trim, peel, wash and cut the rhubarb into small pieces. Place the rhubarb in a pot, add water and bring to boil. Cook over medium heat till rhubarb has broken down. Add sugar to your liking. Rhubarb is very tart, so sometimes quite a bit of sugar is needed. Pour your compote into the glasses and sprinkle with cinnamon. It is delicious! Enjoy!

Translated: Teresa Melcer

przepis w wersji polskiej: https://przepisyjoli.com/2016/04/kompot-z-rabarbaru/ RHUBARB COMPOTE

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